Thursday, July 19th from 2:30pm-4:30pm A Journey to Argentina with Special Guest Patricio Gouguenhei

A Journey to Argentina | Wine Tasting in The Market | $20 (all inclusive)

Join us on a wine tasting adventure to beautiful Argentina! It is indisputable that Argentina has become a hot spot for wine lovers, and for good reason. So much great wine is being made here now, that you can buy world-class wine for half the price of more famous regions. The country is the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Most of this volume comes from one region alone: Mendoza, located west, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, along the border with Chile. This is where you’ll find the Gouguenheim winery. Born in Argentina to French parents, Winemaker Patricio Gouguenheim has been crazy about wine since his childhood. Originally a professional in Mergers and Acquisitions, his work took him to Mendoza during the economic crash of 2002. It was there that he first learned of an old winery in nearby Uco Valley, in disrepair and up for sale. A wild seed was planted, and in a move that his two daughters called, “mad,” Patricio decided to hang up his suit and tie – and start making wine. Since its beginning the winery has become one of the best performing and top quality wineries in Argentina, with its wines currently sold in 15 countries. We are excited to have Patricio joining us to pour his fantastic wines. Chef Peter Frazzano will be offering a delicious array of Argentinian specialties to complement the wines. The tasting ends promptly at 4:30pm so allow enough time to enjoy all the food and wine and to meet Patricio!


Gouguenheim Mendoza Malbec Extra Brut Rosé Gouguenheim Escondido Tupungato Torrentes Gouguenheim Escondido Cabernet Sauvignon Gouguenheim Valle Escondido Malbec Reserva


Empanadas Pastry filled with beef and spices with chimichurri sauce Tartelli di Pasqua Savory spinach and ricotta tartlets Rollos di Jamon Waldorf Style Prosciutto crudo rolled with apples and walnuts Matambre Argentinian stuffed flank steak with chimichurri sauce Pappardelle con Hongos, Pancetta e Crema Pappardelle with mushrooms, pancetta and cream Budin de Pan e Caramello Argentinian bread pudding with caramel sauce

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