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Friday, July 26th at 11:30am Destination Crustaceans Hands-On

Destination Crustaceans Hands-On Cooking Class | $120 (plus tax & gratuity) Abundant populations of shellfish along the east coast makes crustaceans the cornerstone of the region's cooking. One could argue that no other area's seafood dishes have had an impact on the nation's cuisine quite like those of the Eastern seaboard, and most of these iconic shellfish require little more than a simple preparation to reveal their incredible flavors. Join us for this delicious hands-on class where Chef Trey will show you how to prepare these iconic dishes originating along the Atlantic. After the cooking is done, you will enjory your "destination crustaceans creations" at a family-style lunch with your fellow chefs!


Maryland Crab Cakes

Charleston Shrimp & Grits

Maine Lobster Roll


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