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Wednesday, March 6th at 11:30am Easy Peasy Cooking with Parchment Hands-On

Easy Peasy Cooking with Parchment Hands-On Cooking Class | $120 (plus tax & gratuity) The French call it "en papillote" and the Italians call it "al cartoccio," We call it a portion controlled, mouthwatering meal that takes seconds to clean up! Not only is this technique easy to do, it also looks quite impressive at the dinner table when everyone cuts open their own packet. It’s also very healthy as you barely need any oil or fat to cook in parchment and it produces very tender meat, vegetables and fruit, flavored with herbs, spices or sauces. Our chefs will help you prepare these delicious recipes that turn out perfect every time! After the cooking is done, you’ll enjoy lunch of your exciting new dishes. 


Fish and Vegetables in Parchment

Ginger Scallion Chicken in Parchment

Amaretti and Fruit in Parchment


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