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Friday, April 14th at 11:30am Scaloppine! Scaloppine! Hands-On

Scaloppine! Scaloppine! Hands-On Cooking Class | $115 (plus tax & gratuity) Scaloppine is an Italian term for a dish featuring cutlets of meat, or “scallops”, which are pounded thin and sautéed. In other words, it’s a fancy term for an easy technique that, when mastered, will vastly improve your culinary repertoire. You will appreciate the quick cooking time and the assurance that the final product will be tender. There are so many choices available when it comes to preparing scaloppine, but for this class, you will be using veal, chicken and pork to make your easy and versatile scaloppine dishes. Chef Trey will be by your side as you prepare the recipes, and when the cooking is done, you’ll sit down with your fellow chefs for a family-style lunch of your new creations.


Veal Valdostana

Chicken Limone Pork Marsala


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